Prophetic Online Community

I know you are probably wondering what is Prophetic Online Community (P.O.C).

The Prophetic Online Community is a place of Love, Care, Comfort, Connection, Information and Revelation.


It is a place where the fullness of Grace, the Love of God is shown and the Word of God is handled carefully to produce an abundant life. This abundant life produces comfort and make visible the connection that the Lord God has established before the foundation of the world, allowing the one who seeks information and revelation to find his or her place in the Kingdom of God.


The P.O.C is the place of Grace where the hard questions can be asked and

will be answered intimately with encouragement of growth in the faith.


Questions like:

• What does God feel and say about homosexuality?

• Was I born Gay?

• Why are children abused, murdered, and raped?

• Is Hell and Heaven real?

• Why does God allow people to suffer famine and disease?

• Is God real and how can I know?

These are only a few questions that may plague your mind and the P.O.C’s well of anointed information can quench every thirst, intimately, each question presented. The P.O.C is a place of no condemnation but rather confirmation of what the Lord is saying in this day and time.


It is a place of Grace for the Millennial Generation to explore to understand biblically and practically how to make it and live in peace and comfort.


I invite you to explore the P.O.C. and see how the Life Groups can increase your quality of living. I beseech you by the mercies of God to reach out and experience the love of God through the P.O.C and have an intimate connection tailored for you and only you…….

May the grace of God increase you more and more, you and your children,

Bishop Sidney L Miller


Bishop Sidney L. Miller


Prophetic Online Community