Cord of Three Strands

Updated: Feb 6

Do you remember the joy you felt that day you stood at the altar to the one you knew without a shadow of doubt that you would be inseparable until life left your bodies?

There at the altar you searched each other’s eyes reminiscing of where it all started and what led to you being in the sight of God in holy matrimony. Then you hear the marriage officiant say with clarity and assurance “A threefold cord is not easily broken.” People, loved ones and family have come from far and near to witness and be a part and honor this blessed occasion; your special day.

Life all of a sudden fast forward and you awaken to only question what happened to my marriage?

Life being married is not what you envisioned. Your husband, your wife eyes appears to be no longer weighted with the love that was at the altar just a few years ago. The simplicity of agreement appears to bring frustration, anger and resentment. Love, laughter and family seems to be only words in a distant memory.

· Have you ever questioned or questioning what happened to my marriage?

· Where is the love and joy that was once present?

· How can we lie together but be distant in the same home?

· What must or can I do to get feeling of security, faithfulness and love we once shared at the altar?

· What has God written about the married and what it takes to keep the flawed faithful?



Bishop Sidney L. Miller

Prophetic Online Community