Finding Hope

Life can really become hard because situations and circumstances can be too grievous to bear. Many times you are yelling but it appears that no one is listening, especially those who are closest to you. Your mentality may be that you don't want to burden anyone with your pain, so the most loving thing to do 'for you' is to "Do Away With YOUR Life."

Let me submit to you that the Prophetic Online Community have men and women who desires to undergo the struggles of the vicissitudes of life with you, that you have so valiantly been fighting alone. They are here to help you achieve an awareness of a perspective that you have not considered or even discovered. The love they have for humanity will help you get to a place of grace, where you are able to see the end of the tunnel-and your story will be paramount to helping others that have not yet discovered the place of grace that you have. If you are in a position or mental state where you feel you're boxed in with no way out.

Reach out and let a place of grace reach and restore you.

Confidentiality is our highest priority!!!!!



Bishop Sidney L. Miller

Prophetic Online Community