Grace Network

Updated: Jan 29

Grace network is a place where you learn what all God has done for the believer. A place where you grow to understand that God purposed all the promises from the inspired word of God, the Scriptures for you. You absolutely could do nothing to merit this favor, but rather, it was the Love of God for His creation and the Love of Jesus for his Father that we are recipients of this grace and mercy.

Grace are blessings that cannot be merited or earned, they are freely bestowed on people by God. God showed his grace for humanity especially in the incarnation, death and exaltation of His Son. There is a Common Grace which is available to all humankind, it is available to all humanity. It is a general universal form of grace that God equally bestows on all people, as evidenced in the way he cares and provides for his creation. There is a Special Grace, the merciful response of God to redeem His people. Under special grace you have:

· Prevenient Grace: grace that precedes all human decisions and efforts

· Efficacious Grace: grace that brings to completion the purpose for which it was given

· Irresistible Grace: grace that cannot be rejected

· Sufficient Grace: grace adequate to save a believer for eternity

Learn about the fullness of Grace and what power it gives to the believer!!

Learn how God has made Grace a network of SUPERNATURAL POSSIBILITIES for you!!!



Bishop Sidney L. Miller

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