Surviving Divorce

Updated: Feb 6

Divorce can be a scary possibility and reality the married faces. The thought of being alone again or raising children without the father assistance.

The meandering question comes to mind “If you are capable of doing something you have not done before?”

You may question “If you are adequate for anyone?”

Or perhaps your self-esteem has come to an all-time low because the one you vowed to be with through the good, the bad and through sickness and health has forsaken the vows. You may even wonder if you can love again after putting so much into the marriage that your identity became the marriage! The continuous thought of fear may stricken you to the point of paranoia, making you feel marked and everyone knows that the one you called your better half is no longer there.

· What if I told you it’s not the end of the world.

· What if I told you it’s not how you start the race but how you finish.

· Have you wondered how you can be an overcomer in this area of your life?

· Have you ever wondered how can you be strong for your children and their children?



Bishop Sidney L. Miller

Prophetic Online Community