The Millennial Connection

Updated: Feb 6

Have you found yourself coming to church and it feel as though you have gone back in time because church is nothing like what you see and studied?

Does it appear that God is too distant to be touched, void of understanding or a God you don’t recognize?

Have the church you grown up in as a child or presently attending no longer relevant, meet your needs or perhaps never has?

Have you succumbed to the mindset that you rather be spiritual because church, church people are not who they say they are and speaks a foreign language?

Do you feel that the questions you have about God, things that are happening in the word, problems you are going through are not satisfying your quest to know?

Do you feel that the preacher preaches the message of a God of yesterday and not now?

· What if I told you that God hears you and He spoke of this day coming and gives a word of answer!

· What if I told you that you are not alone and the promises are all for you!

· What if I told you that you have access to God and to someone who can help you personally grow and form your faith!



Bishop Sidney L. Miller

Prophetic Online Community